PLUTO was initially founded in 2013 as shop focused on providing supplies for dogs and other pets. In that capacity, the fully trained and qualified staff soon found themselves sharing their expertise and advising dog owners on how to best work with and train their dogs, particularly with regard to canine psychology and behaviour. Gradually, interest in the services the Pluto team could offer as both dog carers and trainers grew, and it was soon necessary to for the business to move to a larger space. That same year, the new location -which includes a garden and substantial space for accommodation- was opened, and the Pluto team was able to offer its services as a dog school and hotel. 


Our Dog Center offers the whole range of services for your pets: For starters, you can leave your dog with us each day just as you would leave your children at a kindergarten (doggy day care runs from 7:00–19:00). Using these services has the dual advantage of not only making sure your beloved pup is not lonely, but also protects your home from any unwanted dog “art”. Additionally, if you decide to go on holiday, we also offer dog hotel services (24 hour pet sitting), in which we provide a cozy, home-like environment exactly as your dog is accustomed to and in accordance with your requirements; we take pride in complying with the expectations and rules of owners who entrust us with their dogs. Finally, we know very well the challenges today’s workload can pose to accommodating a dog’s energy and zest for life, and for that reason we also offer dog training. For more information visit:

Our principles:

  • Training of all skills is based on positive motivation without punishment.
  • Training, walking, and pet sitting takes place in the natural environment according to individual agreement with the owner.