Pluto dog center offers the following services:


Pet sitting (doggy day care, dog hotel) and consultation. Dog care takes place in a comfortable, homely environment. We take care of dogs according to their individual needs; we take their age, health, energy levels, and disposition all carefully into account. 


Dogs in our care can socialize and play with other dogs in our big garden or can use the indoor playroom when the weather is not good. For rest, the dogs can use the sofa, doggy bed, or blanket. When it is time to eat, they have access to a calm, separate area where they can do so. 


Pluto is also able to offer separate, private rooms with a heated floor for some dogs, who can also have access to their own part of the garden. 


Doggy day care is available from 7:00–19:00, and the dog hotel is open for all day and all night (24 hour service).


We also provide dog training - for more information visit: